Are You @#$%ing Kidding? A New Yars’ Revenge Game?

A few weeks ago I chided Atari for making a new game based on the old Star Raiders Atari 2600 game. My logic was that 1) no one remembered Star Raiders except for its massive controller (which was incorrect, because everything is The Best Thing Ever to some nerd, somewhere) and 2) there’s no way a modern videogame could have any real similarity to an Atari 2600 game anyways.

Well, I suspect Atari read that post, and decided to fuck with me even further by announcing a new Yars’ Revenge game. This is significant because Yars’ Revenge is actually remembered fondly, because it was a terrible game with a hilariously complicated, extremely odd story behind its incredibly shitty gameplay. Seriously, here’s a screenshot of the original:

Thumbnail image for s_YarsRevenge_6.png

?And that was the entirety of the game, that one screen, over and over, with one minor variation. And yet the premise was that you were an alien in a bug-like ship firing your Zorlon Cannon at the evil Qotile to avenge the planet it destroyed and it was just bizarrely specific and detailed for such a simple, goofy-looking game. AND NOW ATARI IS MAKING A NEW ONE. AND THIS IS THE TRAILER.

Note the change from Yars’ Revenge to Yar’s Revenge, and not that Yar is now AN ANIME CHICK IN A MECHA SUIT. This is just as ridiculous as the new Star Raiders game, but just like the original Yars‘, it’s ridiculous in a way I can’t help but find fascinating. I can’t wait to play this thing, just to see what nonsense they’ve come up with. Apparently it’s going to be an Xbox Live/PSN game, and I’ll try to let you guys know the minute it becomes available. (Via Kotaku)