Ask Not What Your Country Can Do for You, Ask Who Is a Playable Zombie-Killer in Call of Duty: Black Ops

I’ve never paid much attention to the modern war videogames like Call of Duty or Brothers in Arms or such. But I’ve been hearing such buzz about the supposed awesomeness of the new Call of Duty game, Black Ops, that I’ve been looking into it, and holy hell are the trailers awesome. But what has put me over the edge — or would if I had any money whatsoever — is this new reveal of a bonus mode in the game’s zombie campaign. Now, I’m sure a lot of you are sighing already, but what if I told you that the stage you play in, where the zombies attack… is the Pentagon? And what if I told you that the characters you play include JFK, Fidel Castro, and Richard Nixon?

I don’t care how tired you are of zombies; if you can’t get excited about the idea of fighting them off as Nixon, there’s something wrong with your soul (you should also be able to enjoy The Walking Dead, but more on that later). If anyone wants to buy me this game when it comes out on November 9th, I wouldn’t mind. Really.