DVD Day: November 2nd, 2010:


?? The Goonies: 25th Anniversary Edition
On Blu-ray, so you can see Sloth’s disguised face in all its hideous glory. Looks like the new stuff is a board game, a reprint of reunion article from Empire, and some storyboards; not surew if there’s anything actually new on the disc. It is out on regular DVD, for the record.

? Toy Story 3
So this story made a lot of people cry because it had a tremendous sad ending for a kids’ movie, or so I’ve been told. I’m not judging the movie or the people, but since I’m an enormous sissy, I’m reasonably confident I’d be one of them if I watched it.

? Highlander: Director’s Cut
On Blu-ray, maybe for the first time, whatever. For the record, Highlander 2 is also out today on Blu-ray, but even I’m not evil enough to link it.

? Centurion
It’s a movie about a small band of Roman soldiers who try to stay alive while getting out of savage Pict country after their legion is ambushed. As a Classics nerd and a movie nerd, this movie only has to be so-so for me to find it awesome.

? V: The Complete First Season
The new one with the space prostitute from Firefly and Juliet from Lost. Has ABC picked this up for a second season yet? Because I don’t want to bother watching it if it’s just getting canceled.

? Doctor Who
Revenge of the Cybermen (Story 79) and Silver Nemesis (Story 154).

? War Wolves
Another horrible SyFy TV movie (about soldiers who get bitten by werewolves while in Iraq, then come home), but at least it gave John Saxon a paycheck.