Fan Fiction Friday: Princess Leia in “Star Wars Sex Story”


?When we last featured Princess Leia in FFF, she was having sex with Optimus Prime with the help of Jar Jar Binks’ severed, carbonite-frozen penis for the entertainment of Jabba the Hutt. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call “the Expanded Universe.” So let’s take another look at Leia’s adventures on Tatooine, but in-canon this time, in a story called “Star Wars Sex Story: Return of the Cum-I.” Now, normally this is the part where I post the first terrifying few lines of the story, but I’d much prefer to post the introduction from author Ornery. Not a character has been changed, I swear:

Word from the Author : Because of the lack of perverted sexual fantasies
from the Star Wars universe I wanted to help fill that void (no pun
attended) for the people who REALLY need to seek professional help if a
SCI-FI story is a sexual outlet As you can see from the file discription, I
am attempting to do anything and everything imaginable, hence (etc,etc)
execpt pedo(childsex) stuff. Also there are no “child” characters in this
universe, unless we do a flashback to our characters as kids and the evil
Darth Vader… Hey, NOT HERE! Ever notice how people seem to like evil sex
stories about their favorite fictional characters? I’m sure a lot of us have
seen the various Batgirl series, WonderWoman, PowerRangers(Not enough, I
hate’im), StarTrek, Sailormoon and even the Smurfs (die die die) how-about
“barNy the child molesting Dino”?? I guess its because we wanna see’em in a
different light. As degrading as these stories are, mine is no different, I
SERIOUSLY, DO NOT support Rape, Torture & death of women and children. (For
men, who cares as we tend to fuck up everything else) Nothing wrong with
nice rough sex with a lover as well as sensual “normal” sex of course.
S&M/torture is NOT my forte, I’ll do the best I can with what I know. In the
following chapters, it’ll get worse for our “heroes”. This story is made to
be gross (duh) and some people may HATE it and think I’m a sicko. Well my
fellow human, I’ve meant three women in my life that are INTO shit like
this, have told me of such fantasies and shit I consider down right fucking
nasty. Hmmm… they also turned me on too… somewhat. These series have no
barring to the original Star Wars stories created by George Lucas. Please
thank him for making SCI-FI what it is today! This is of course an
unauthorized sexual parody and so what? The characters are fictional (no
shit?) and any resemblance of real people is by accident. Hey, If a Real
Darth Vader came into your house, would you care about being sued?

these stories are inspired by a long (semi-Sex) hilarious story of Luke, R2,
& the drunken master Yoda… unknown Author. And some guys on A.S.S.
newsgroup whose been looking for such stories the past few months. There
maybe future stories if there is demand and I’m not dead. I’ll let my
friends give me a response. I still don’t have a PC and my only access is
with a BBS that I’ve been going to for years. (remember those?)

Due to the
severe limitations of the worlds most popular LAME Operating System, the
series file names will be limited to 8 characters. What idiot thought 8
characters was enough to work with? I guess the same asshole who said “640K
is plenty” and “who needs multitasking? Graphics & Audio are for Game
systems”. And look what we have today? A half-baked Win95 with the same
problems since the 1980s! And I have 2 of these machines too, since I have
to be compatible!

Oh well, THE games NOW rule on these things! SWX6-1-1.txt
means StarWorsX(adult) -6 (chapter according to SW movie) -1 (First
story) -1 (chapter One of *MY* story) For those who don’t know; StarWars=4,
Empire Strikes Back=5, Return Jedi=6. On my real computer, the file name is

Our first story will be 6-1-1… Why? Gee, when
you were young teenager, weren’t you hoping to see Princess Leia’s Sex Slave
outfit burst apart (I bet it did on a Blooper Reel) and used the SLOW-MO on
the remote to see what you could see?? Not saying that I did of course!
Well, I DIDN’T!!! REALLY!! Anyway, I RECOMMEND you stop here, grab your tape
of Return of the Jedi and watch the beginning at least. I haven’t watched my
laser disc of Jedi in long time myself (Letterbox is the only way to enjoy
movies) so I had to review it and the others to get my “facts” straight. But
I got in the mood to watch all 3 back to back… so you may wanna do the
same. But Jedi is most important at this time, so you can get a good look at
everything and everyone, how my story fits into what’s on the actual film,
until I “change history” of course. Leia really LOOKS a bit embarrassed when
Luke shows up in the movie. She’s been a bad bad girl. So watch or BUY the
Star Wars Laser discs or *GAG* VHS tapes, I DID watch’im 2+ times, all three
when writing this. So if you’re rusty on your SW, you’ll need to review, but
hey- they’re always a BLAST to watch… always. Say no more…

Whether this story is from the ancient days of the internet, or the author is so fucking insane that he’s still recommending watching Star Wars on Laserdisc, I do not know. I’m going to assume the former, because I don’t think even ComicsNix is crazy enough to have a laserdisc player. Let us begin!

Oh. I should admit that I found this story in one giagantic block of text. I added the paragraph breaks so it would be vaguely readable. FYI.

Once Upon a Time… On the screen of your monitor, Stupid…! (Insert
Theme Music Here)

Oh god, this one’s going to hurt.







“Mighty hard Jabba”?

ANYWAY…  (words scroll off the top of the screen *use your imagination*)

No! I refuse to use my imagination! Your horrible opening scroll is useless against me!

pan down to the desert planet and see the big Fortress against starry
night… we fade to the dark and musky interior as our story unfolds… Leia
is horrified and close to vomiting… The sticky warm shit on her face that
Jabba licked on her stunk of rubber frogs and other dead things. The Pig
guards have been leading her down the dark passage ways for 10 minutes and
the grey-ish shit isn’t drying, but becoming more watery and leaking down
into her shirt, between her breasts. This is gross! Leia thinking angrily.

If you were instantly irked that the author called them “Pig-guards” instead of Gamorrean Guards, congratulations, you’re a huge fucking nerd.

Jabba’s stupid evil laugh is still echoing in her head as she thought about
Luke’s plan to Save Han. It was one of the few arguments she ever had with
her hero, friend and sometimes a quick screw horny prick. She wanted to
storm Jabba’s palace with a few squads of Rebel troops and a some
fighters… since coming into this place, its defenses wouldn’t have
survived such a professional Rebel attack and being that Tatooine is such a
dry rock in middle of nowhere, the Empire wouldn’t notice. But Noooooo…!!
Luke said “we shouldn’t bring the rebellion into a personal matter, its
wrong to use our powers in such a way!”

Admittedly, Leia is correct; Luke’s plan to rescue Han was incredibly fucked up, as has been discussed.

Her train of thought is broken as
the left guard ripped her sleeve off trying to get her to walk faster as
they walk through the hallway with locked doors on all sides and other
workers shoving lumps of “food” through slots under the doors. She hears
their cries for help and freedom from various female creatures… many
human-like and she can see hands reaching out.

Well, in a few hours, Luke
should figure out that rescue plan A is not working quite well and “will
come to save the day.” Kinda stupid… Such a complex “rescue”, sending the
droids in first, timing could screw up everything and get them all killed…
what good would that do the rebellion? She laughed at herself, it would be
quite funny for them to lose their lives to a bunch of third-rate bandits,
while Darth “I have no dick” Vader and the all powerful evil Emperor with
all their resources, not to mention the butt-ugly space worm that almost ate
them, couldn’t do! Leia actually laughed a bit with this thought.

“Yes, your honor, it’s true, this Sith Lord has no dick.”

quickly stopped, but smiled. Also such behavior may cause these creeps to
think there’s more to this little bitch and her friends to make them
nervous. I bet Luke just wants to show off his new Jedi powers and be the
hero again she thought angrily. He only busted his ass and lost his hand,
not his little dick… so what’s the big deal?! But Luke is still an
immature kid, even though he’s pretty much her age, wanting to be the guy
who wins everytime and be the talk at meetings, parties and other functions
throughout the entire rebel fleet. Shit, Lando may already be dead as far as
they know…

That’s actually an interesting reassessment of Luke. We all think Luke has matured at the beginning of Jedi, but he still makes some crazy rash decisions throughout. Is he still learning? Is he still a bit of the kid from A New Hope? Try and remember this thoughtful critique when Leia is blowing aliens in a minute.

Leia is shoved in the back as they step into a large room with
various creatures and guards. The room is full of junk & rags but mostly
armour and clothing “I have a bad feeling…” she let out quietly. Han, You
idiot! You could have just Transferred the money you owe Jabba into a credit
account. Nobody said you had to give it to him personally. What the hell did
he do with the 30 thousand credits they gave him after they escaped to
Yavin?? Four years of running across space, when it would have taken a day
or two to pay back the stupid slug! When they get out of this shit, she
won’t be sleeping with Han anytime too soon!

I also like the idea that Han was just too lazy to hit up a space bank in-between Star Wars and Jedi.

Her head is jolted to the side
suddenly with a bam! An green-bug eyed creature (Greedo species) yells at
her “gwe jeje gagi!” “Ah…? I don’t understand you!” Being a Princess means
she didn’t spend time learning to speak the language of lower-class
life-forms. A human guard in the room hears this and comes up to them. “This
is Peedo, he’s in charge of this supply & stock section. And you are to
strip off that battlegear soon. Or we’ll have to set it on fire with you
still in it.”

Peedo?! Like Greedo, but with “pee”? And a homonym for “pedo,” the shortened version of “pedophile!” Ah, Ornery, you are a rare wit!

She see her awaiting escort started to look a bit pissed. The
human guard un-hooks her life-support/comm pack and armour and throws it
with the rest of other such armour/hardware. She quickly takes off the rest
of her cloth battle gear & boots herself, which is quickly taken away.
Leaving her in a white latest-tech desert-wetsuit, which is very skin tight
around her body. It even hugs the bottom of her breasts, showing the outline
of her nipples.

Fun Time! Can you count how many oxymorons are in the phrase “latest-tech desert-wetsuit”?

Peedo yells again. And the nice translator says “everything
bitch! You’re Jabba’s Slave of the Week!” “I won’t stand for this, I’m
Princess Leia of-ufh!” The left Pig guard punches Leia in the stomach with a
fist, quite hard. “You’re not standing at all, Princess-who gives a shit!”

FFF Band Name #684: Princess Who-Gives-a-Shit. Doesn’t have to be an all-girl band, but should probably at least have a female lead singer.

He grabs her by the neck and pulls her face to his, while using the other to
squeeze hard on her small, but nicely shaped right tit. She can’t scream in
pain has her ability to push air out of her lungs has been halted… Then he
grips the breast tighter as he grabs hold of the fabric, ripping it of her
chest… short of taking the tit with. He lets her scream this time.

guards laugh at this display and Peedo tells the human, Framer something.
“No, I won’t be screwing you… I wish I could, but Jabba likes his personal
sex slaves, Fresh… before they expire” He rips the crotch out exposing her
small black patch of pubic hair and her small waist. He then pulls up on the
rest of her desert suit, exposing her most private parts to everyone. Only
her arms, shoulders, legs and parts of her back are covered with the ruined
hi-tech suit, which still clings to her body, now getting warm from nerves,
sweat and system failure of the suit due to damage.


Framer still has his
throat grip when he suddenly thrusts two fingers into her pussy. Leia does a
full body blush from such raw exposure and body contact in front of so many
people. “Please… stop!” as she tries using both hands to get him to
release her neck. He sticks in another into her cunt as they start burning
her insides from the lack of lubrication, she was simply not being turned-on
the this creep.

I can’t imagine why.

Framer wishes he could fuck this hot little 5ft body with
the small waist, and overall a nicely shaped body, a tad short for his
tastes. But that really doesn’t matter since she belongs to his rather large

She stares back at his face again, strong with authority. Like his
fingers jammed up her cunt means nothing to her. That she will quickly take
his life out soon, but that he just doesn’t know it yet. “Yeah, right” she
thought. Her tits were so nice now, her cunt very tight to his fingers.
Yeah, looks like she’s an anal bitch that’s used to screwing, only when she

One of those stuck-up bitches who dislike being raped, I guess! Bitches, man.

“haha” he laughs at her, she’s about 95 lb. if not much more.
She’ll be all over the place when Jabba starts pulling and swinging her
around on chains, her hair or whatever the fuck he wants… this will be fun
to watch.

“Then don’t give me any more shit! I said I won’t screw you now or
ever… just getting a feel. After Jabba is done with you, no human will
want to stick anything into your body again… much less a few fingers!”
Leia starts having visions of what Framer could be talking about…

No one wants Jabba’s sloppy seconds, understandably.

doesn’t know much about the strange slug species like Jabba. “Luke…” you
better get here soon, she thought to herself. “Luke is your boyfriend or
something? For his sake, you better hope he doesn’t find you here.” Framer
commented as he released her, letting body her drop to the ground.

For the record, yes, a character did just respond in dialogue to a thought another character voiced only in her head.

for more air into her burning lungs. As she sits up recovering, Leia looks
up and sees that Framer has removed his cockpiece. Inches from her nose, his
penis was staring down at her. “I never…!” she yells. Framer grabs her by
an ear and jams his boot into her clit. She yelps.

FFF Band Name #686, Metal Version: Cockpiece

“I bet you do all the
time! Those lips of yours where made for cocksucking!” Tears of pain sneak
out as he continues to pull hard on her hair while squeezing her ear into
another direction. “And if you decided to bite, we’ll cut off your wookie’s
cock off and make you eat it raw in from of everyone! Do you understand?!”
Leia nods.

He leaves his foot between her legs and pulls her mouth to his
limp dick and rubs it on her nose. “Your shitty attitude is keeping it
asleep, if you don’t wake it up soon, I’ll piss down your throat instead.”

The idea of some rubbing his dick over a girl’s nose has absolutely blown my mind. I thought I knew my fetishes, but this… this is new and unsettlingto me.

Having never tried urine as a form of beverage, besides not liking the smell
of body waste that’s always in bathrooms all over the galaxy, Leia
definitely did not want to have such vial put into her body.

She’s obviously never talked to Sakura and Karin, then.

Princess Leia
angrily opens her lips and pulls his cock into her mouth, then pulls out,
rubbing the bottom with her tongue till the head remains allowing her to
massage it a bit. She feels it get a bit hard and she swallows it back in,
making it harder still. The harder and longer it gets, the more difficult it
makes her to suck as her short size keeps her head a bit too low, not as if
Framer gave a shit.

As she pumps her head in & out on his dick, Framer grabs
Leia’s ear lobes… using them as “love handles” causing Leia to wince while
she blows. Peedo comes up to the action with a small case and blabbers a
bit. Framer complies and stretches Leia’s earlobes away from her head, cause
her to top moving and scream around Framer’s cock.

So this guy has: 1) rubbed his dick on Leia’s nose and 2) is now pulling her ears as she blows him. Is anyone else totally boggled here? I’m not even disgusted, I’m just confused.

“Don’t move.” as he stops
pumping her mouth. She feels something bite her ear painfully, she realizes
she’s been stabbed! She feels blood running down her left side of the neck
as the cold metal pin continued to push out the other side of her ear.

“They’re mutilating me!” she screams in her mind. She sees Peedo’s stucker-
fingered hand go to her newly pierced ear with a small gold ring and feel
its cold surface go through her newly made hole. She feels the same thing
again on her other delicate ear, as blood gushes onto her other shoulder.
She starts to faint, when Framer slaps her face to keep her attention on her

Blow a Dude, Get Free Ear Piercings This Weekend Only at Claire’s Boutique

The female ears on her species are very sensitive, and so none of the
women care to spend months waiting for the pain to go away, if an infections
doesn’t warrant amputation. For many races, earing are regarded as important
jewelry, but her race wears fake ones that still tend to hurt on special

Now he’s got an earring fetish, too? Do earring fetishes even exist? Seriously, this is so bizarre and it’s freaking me out

Framer grabs both shoulders of her suit and rips them up, off her
arms causing the back to fall to her ass from the lack of support. She feels
the other ring slide into its new home in her ear, slowing down the blood
flow. But still her neck and shoulders have red streaks of blood.

Which was
the least of her worries as the severe pain in her ears spread through her
skull and across her collar bones fading across her chest. The pain was
causing her nipples to get a bit sensitive as well, but not of pleasure and
Framer did notice as his pants burn across them.

His pants burned across her nipples? Are they fire pants? WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE

Leia’s eye- sight is
blurred from the pain, her mind keeps wanting to shut down, but instead the
room feels like its spinning, her will is strong.

The site of the blood
finally makes Framers’s climax as he shoots seamen into her mouth.


?Please try to get the image of thousands of tiny sailors shooting out of an alien dick down Leia’s throat out of your head. YOU CAN’T. YOU’LL NEVER BE ABLE TO.

Its more
than what Leia can hold as it dribbles out between her lips around his cock
as he hump her face even harder! Hurting her nose against his public base
making breathing more difficult.

“Men overboard!”

After his spasms are finished, he pulls out
his Leia-cleaned cock and puts it back home. Leia is shocked! She’s never
been sexually abused before by any of her enemies! She coughs hard, trying
to get his white cum out of her mouth. Framer laughs at this… “as long as
it didn’t killer her” as her upper body turns a little pink from the
reaction of the earrings. She rests her face in her hands, unmoving,
relaxing for several minutes as her skin returns to its normal soft white

“Shit happens.” Framer says, walking off.

Wise words from the nose/ear/earring fetish/alien who shoots sailors out of his cock.

Another species of alien
steps in front of her. He wants his human blowjob too as he’s heard stories
of them being quite good. His pale white skin, tiny extended mouth
salivating with expectations as his 3 pure black eyes stare at Leia. He
brings out his three small cocks, already hard for action. Leia screams in
disgust! As a hand shoves her face on to the thing’s sexual organs. All
three push past her wet lips, making her cringe from the awful taste. It
purrrs in delight from the stimulation of her wet hot mouth.

Is the alien purring, or are the dicks? Whatever.

All of Leia’s
previous sexual partners have been humans (or what YOU would consider human
to the people of the Earth, in a galaxy far far away and a time before
humans knew they were on a planet!) and only 4 men in her life.

I’ve read this sentence maybe 100 times and I still don’t have the faintest clue what it means.

She grabs
the creatures legs for support, trying not to go down any farther. Trime’s
dicks get a bit longer in Leia’s mouth, going all the way in the back as
well as filling up a lot of space.

“Trime”? “Tri as in three, like his dicks, and perhaps a bit of wordplay based on “Try me”? Oh, Ornery, Dickens would be impressed. And disgusted. Mostly disgusted. Let’s continue this after the jump, shall we?


Leia gags at the taste, which is like
latex for some reason. His first cock explodes, releasing a rather cool,
soapy liquid in her mouth, perhaps an important lubricant? Leia gags as it
pours out of her mouth and down her throat. He continues to pump in & out of
her face for another 10 minutes (this excitement is making him premature)
when Number Two shoots off. Its warm and gooey and tastes like utter shit.
She thinks of vomiting, and fights the urges as much as possible… thinking
of the safety of her friends.

Blowing a creature with three dicks, each of which have their own unique ejaculate, is a ComicsNix-worthy concept, I must say.

She feels wetness on her face and see the damn
thing drooling on her face and hair. She wants to just bite this asshole and
end everything. Its wasn’t long before his last dick ejaculated the hot
sperm as it had a chemical reaction to the previously released fluids.

One dick came Mentos, and this last dick came Coke! Leia exploded, covering Jabba’s dungeon with blood and fizz.

feels the slim in her mouth becoming thick as he pulls his dicks out of her
mouth. Even the cum on her face was sticking horribly to her skin and
getting warmer as she uses her nails to peel of the shit. It becomes
apparent very quickly that there’s a whole lot more in her mouth and throat!

Everyone watches in amusement as Princess Leia has spasms on the floor with
a hand in her mouth, trying to peel the shit off! She screams and moans as
the heat builds. She’s gagging and wheezing for 5 minutes then Trime’s cum
starts to breakdown into liquid and flow into her stomach.

Maybe Trime’s dicks actually make Spider-Man’s web fluid when combined.

Then Peedo,
Greedo’s younger brother picks up Leia by her hair, until she’s squatting
again. Here’s some personal revenge as he forces is 10″ green dick into her
mouth and down her throat. Its a good thing she’s used to deep throating, or
she’d be gagging on his smelling rod, she thought as he made slow and deep
movements into her face.

He starts pulling at her hair, untying the string
holding it tight to her head. Then pulls the knots out, allowing him to
untie it all together allowing all of her hair to hang around her. down to
her waist. It flows in front of her breasts, over her shoulders and down her
back. He grabs a clumpful in each fist and uses it to pull and drag her head
on his cock, causing Leia to moan on each pull as strands of hairs is ripped
out of her very sore head.

Peedo doesn’t last long as he ejaculates his load
down her mouth. When he’s done, he then finish striping Leia complete,
ripping the remainder off her legs. Leia huddles against the wall, trying to
not be noticeable so that some other fucking stinking thing decides he wants
to use her mouth as a sperm bank.

Unfortunately, that’s when Trime returned to make a “withdrawal.”

With nothing to clean the cum and blood
off her sweating and worn body, she tries to rest. But not too much with all
the creatures running about and guards chattering and laughing.

Bubba Fett
step in and looks around until he see her.



As he walks towards her, he also
removes his cockpiece, revealing a large dick, growing hard which each step.
At least this “Fett” guy is a human. Maybe he has an ugly face so the helmet
is used to cover it up as well as protecting his true identity. Leia Gets on
her knees to take him, not wanting to fight at this moment for a losing
battle. He slams her down on her back and kicks her legs open.

“No one is
supposed to fuck me!” Leia yells in protest.

“I recorded the scene earlier
with you and all the guys. Jabba liked the hologram video so much, he said I
could fuck you for a copy.”

10 Free Copies with Rape, This Weekend Only at FedEx Kinko’s

“Ah! Noo!” screams Leia, finally crying! Now
there’s recordings of her being forced to suck alien dicks! It wouldn’t be
long before they spread into the sex market, even her fellow rebel solders
will eventually get their hands on such tapes! They’ll know her nude body
and that she has sucked and fucked against her will. It can’t get any worse!
(wanna bet? -DV)

“After all that cock sucking, I didn’t want to stick my
dick in your mouth.” as Bubba Fett got down to business and aimed his cock
for Leia’s exposed cunt.

She starts banging on him with her small fists for
a bit, until they started hurting with all that metal armor. He then grab
her just under the knees and pushes her legs back to her head.

“No No!” Leia
pleaded… As his dick pushes against her labia, spreading them apart.
“HELP! HAN HELP!” cries out the weeping rebel leader. None of her friends
ever heard a pep from her.

What, like a pep talk? Because I feel like her giving one right now wouldn’t be appropriate for the scene, frankly.

He slide into her body with one slow push until
his outfit got in the way. Since he wasn’t as big as Han, so thought Leia ,
he should be finished soon without any pain or anything, unlike those
fucking aliens. Bubba Fett rested all of his upper weight on his hands which
still held down Leia’s knees down beside her head, causing great strain on
her back besides the pain to her legs with 250lbs of weight on them!

Hi’s name’s Bubba Fett. Of course he ways 250 lbs. Leia should be grateful he isn’t using his jetpack.

He was
quick to the point as he pulled his cock out half way, then quickly drove it
home again until his clothed hips smashed against her ass. He didn’t start
slow at all, just straight out body slamming against Leia’s pussy and ass.
Within minutes Leia’s ass was getting sore from the friction of Bubba Fett’s
pants against her once soft tender ass.

But were they fire pants?

But still he kept on pumping like a
womprat in heat with the only thing coming from his dick is pre-cum.  She
pants from the work on her body “stop.. stop… please…”

“I never tire”
replies Bubba Fett, “but I don’t have much time, sorry.”

He’s a 250 lbs dude named Bubba. I’m pretty sure he’s about to have a heart attack.

He continues to
pump into her hot pussy when he finally moves his hands off her legs, a
relief finally! That is, until he rests his bulk on her right breast,
smashing it into her rib cage while gripping her nipple with the other with
his hard gloves. Leia groans in pain, just short of snapping her ribs, while
his relentless and severely redundant pump-action cock continues in
automatic. He trades grips with her tits and plays with them for a few
minutes more.

An Awful Band Name, But a Phrase Worth Remembering: Severely Redundant Pump-Action Cock

Leia feels his dick swell inside her as the near ends. Bubba
Fett grabs her by the legs again and pulls them together as he presses them
down on her chest making it nearly impossible for her to get air into her
lungs… that’s okay, she’ll hold out soon as he finally ejects his sperm
into her in short hard spasms. He pulls his sloppy dick out of her dripping
cunt. Using her hair to clean it off he finally dresses back to normal and
starts to leave. “Thank you.” he remarks.

“You’re welcome, roboshit” replies


“Whatever” he chuckles “In a few hours, I’ll be shipping out these new
tapes of you sucking and fucking to distributors round the galaxy”  Leia
looks very hurt… must be the shame “I was thanking you for being the
subject, I’ll make quite a bit of credits from it.”

And Vivid released it the very next week.

when he leaves the room,
Leia burst into tears. Damn you Luke! Her sorrow is quickly surpressed when
icy cold water hits her body. Framer puts down another bucket and throws her
a rag. He leaves without a saying a word and basically not giving a damn.
Princess Leia washes in silence, she must NOT give up hope! The Force is on
their side… Luke will get here and free them… he better! And She, Han
and the Wookie will kill everyone of these fuckers and blow it to shit. Then
there will be no tapes, nor witnesses to talk. She knows this will be the

Peedo has returned with a skimpy outfit that wasn’t made for
anything but to show off parts of the body to make males animals drool and
imagine all kinds of sexual desires they care to come up with. Leia, Strong
Leia puts it on surely. Showing she wasn’t phased by the bit of abuse she
getting in this hell hole. They’ll pay for this very soon, she thought…

Framer grabs her face suddenly, squeezing hard enough for Leia to see spots
as she feels something hard, cold and heavy being put around her neck… its
a damn doggie collar! Someone from behind pulls hard on her hair, making two
main clumps. Then twists them together making a braid.

Awm, it’s like a little girls slumber party, where they do each other’s hair, but with rape! Well, more rape.

“We’re making your
nice long hair easier to grab. Cause we like to jerk bitches like you all
over the places, sometimes hanging you by it heheheh.” Framer drops her to
the ground in her dizzy state, saying “enjoy them, you’ll die with those

 Leia’s Escort takes a chain and start walking back out of the
chamber… after being dragged about 10 feet on the dirt floor Leia is
finally able to get to her feet as they head for her new master. She is
taken to Jabba’s Private chamber (behind his main Ball-room) where Jabba has
been impatiently waiting for his slave… its been sooo long since he had to
let his last toy go.

I don’t know if it’s a misspelling or intentional, but “ball-room” delights me to no end.

The birdcreature, C3PO & the two guards are the only
ones there as they lock her chain to Jabba’s floating bed. Jabba tries out
the chain with a quick Jerk, sending her face into his nose. “oh My!” yells
out the Fag robot. Yep, the chain works fine thought Jabba… he always like
having his slaves fresh. It’s so boring having ones that are used to being
tortured and such.

If you were instantly irked that the author called it a “birdcreature”
instead of Salacious Crumb, congratulations, you’re a huge fucking

Leia thought the tongue earlier was bad, but his snot was
quite a deal worse with yellow gooey slime. She starts to wipe it off when
he Jerks her head on to the floor “this is not going well” she though. Jabba
mutters something and faithful-suck up C3PO tells her “The Great Jabba says,
he’ll tell you what to do and when to do it. If not, you will be, Oh my!
…ripped apart from his favorite pet.”

Jabba smiles a bit “I’ve seen this
pet, Princess Leia he will harm you without fail if he wants to.” Jabba
mutters “You must use your hands and lick them clean if you want your face
presentable. This is a requirement for the party soon.” Leia looks with
disgust and horror as half her face is yellow as well as her chest from the
drippings. Jabba gives a quick jerk as the guards laugh at her. She slowly
wipes the muck off her face… her right eye stingy.

“There must be about a
pint to eat”, she thought… this was worse than before as she started
licking her palm… it was very salty with a sticker texture than the cum
she’s used to eating. Her stomach rolls but she fights it. Jabba is enjoying
this as he drools more onto his chest…

C3PO translate for Jabba, “Master
Jabba says, You will give him, uh head?” Leia looked confused for a bit, but
not for long as Jabba grabs her arms forcing them against her sides with his
strong hands as his arms extended out from his body that were a bit shorter
moments ago and shoves her head into his mouth!

Get it? Get it? She’s giving Jabba… “head”! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAARARRGGGH

Leia may never enjoy french
kissing again, as she scream and screams with legs kicking. His tongue
feeling her face, her neck and the awful odor from his stomach… made worse
when he bleeched.

Bleeched? Is someone doing laundry inside Jabba?
Leia lost her dinner at the back of Jabba’s throat.
Leia has just thrown up inside Jabba’s mouth. I felt this bears repeating.
Leia has just thrown up inside Jabba’s mouth.
Leia has just thrown up inside Jabba’s mouth.
Leia has just thrown up inside Jabba’s mouth.

could not pull herself out, her arms where held tight and her legs had
nothing to grip on. All the friction of Jabba’s lips against her chest has
cause her flimsy hard-top to slide down to her belly and then fall to the

After a few minutes of in & out action with Leia’s sloppy head, he
pushed her in still deeper and stopped. She found her skull being forced to
the roof of his mouth as she felt some thing rubbing on her breasts and
neck… where they hands? Jabba has more tongues in his mouth?? It didn’t
matter, the feeling was horrible!

Oh my god. Jabba is using Princess Leia as a mouth-dildo

He then relaxed and the exhausted Leia
rested her face on his tongue… apparently, Jabba needed some air too. She
slowly felt Jabba grabbing her small waist, “What are you doing?!” she
screamed which was a bit muffled to most people outside… but C3PO was able
to translate for himself “OH MY!!”

If the droid could piss, he would. Leia
no longer had any vision, she has some light with her eyes closed for
protection, but not now when she was forced down Jabba’s throat. Leia liked
deep throat but this was becoming very unpleasant as her waist was shoved
against his lips. For a brief moment, it reminded her at the Hoth base of
taking Han’s cock down her throat… Luke never went that far, didn’t have
the meat… Is she a “dick?”

No, she’s a mouth-dildo, I just told you

She threw up her bile into Jabba’s smelling
insides, the awful tastes in her mouth, she was becoming light-headed. “Am I
going to be eating alive like those frogs” which made her scream more, which
was difficult in such a close space. It maybe her last as the lack of air
was making her weak, she was about to piss from fright as death by being
deepthroated to death was going to suck big time.

Then something entered her
mouth, it was about 2 inches thick and it quickly force itself down her
throat and to her stomach. This is it! she thought. But found herself
somehow able to breathe again… she was ready to die and end this fun. Her
throat was burning with this “thing” in her, pumping in and out as her body
was being pumped, in Jabba’s mouth.




After about 10 minutes of her
body-pumping, the mass of flesh in her throat started squirting something
hot into her stomach. She couldn’t taste or know what it is, except it felt
like a gallon was dumped inside. There was a feeling in her gut… in a
matter of seconds, she felt the cool air over her body as she landed with a
thump on Jabba’s Bed.

Jabba was nice to let her catch her breath as his
fluids dried on her skin. She has been “washed” now, but not completely…
Its time to show her off to his guests.

“Master Jabba will now meet his
guests and discuss business.” C3PO announces. The platform starts moving to
the ballroom, by the time she’s visible to the public does she realize her
breasts are exposed to all kinds of horny creatures. She scooped up her top
and puts it back on, with her eyes closed, holding back the tears… Jabber
pulls her to his body, his tough cold skin feels like dead skin against her
smooth back… after hours of trading, punishing a few beggers and some drug
deals, even making her SAMPLE some unknown shit which gave her a cool high
for a few minutes,

Winners don’t do drugs, kids. Although neither do they give giant spaceslugs blowjobs, so whatever.

Jabba looked like a big dick and the strange music made
her see colors before her eyes. Jabba pulls her to his belly and falls
asleep… his stomach rumbling against her body was comferting. She dreamt
of strange things that seemed to last forever, colors against the normal
black space, past memories and things unknown, but didn’t seem disturbing.

Wait she’s in a dream… she knows this. She feels something, and she needs
to know what it is. Her head starts to clear, seperating her dreamworld from
her surroundings, she realises what it is… Her bladder starts giving her
warnings of a need to release, will he let her do this in private room or
right here in front of everyone. It does smell a bit like body fluids in
this part of the room.

Honestly, I don’t see the drawback of Leia pissing herself at this point.

She looks up and see’s Luke Skywalker standing in
front of them. She turns her face away, in embarrassment as well anger… As
she realises that Luke was her “other” feeling that was waking her up. C3PO
rather happily “Oh! Master Luke’s come to rescue me!”

Eat shit Luke thought,


C3PO’s crap seems to be getting worse. He uses his powers to blow one of
C3PO’s actuators… in a few hours that stupid droid will think his insides
are falling out. Luke gets a look at Leia, He thinks for a second “man,
that’s a hot little outfit, I hope she’ll wear it for me after I save her
sweat little ass… She’ll be hot for me saving the day again!”

“Sweet little ass”? “Sweaty little ass”? We may never know what the author truly intended.

He take
another good look and it really shows off her sexy, perfect tummy & belly
button… It’s time to be cool and kick ass, he takes a breath. Luke starts
his Hero Jedi bullshit on Jabba, she looks at Luke… Trying to warn him
that his shitty plan is fucking up badly… Luke sees her just as he falls
through the trap door into the pit below…

After Luke’s stupid-ass plan, I’d let his bitch-ass fall too, frankly.

As you know the story. Luke
battles the PET monster Rancor & kills it. This pisses off Jabba BIG time
and order’s his death with Solo & the Wookie into the Pit of Haro, where
they are to be slowly digested. With all the action going on, and people
making preparations, Jabba tells Leia “We will continue OUR fun after I have
your friends thrown into the pit with no hope of living, and if you’re
really good, I’ll throw you in after them.” Jabba starts issuing orders and
doing his thing, letting Leia finally sleep somewhat not very rested, on his

He smiles at her… she’ll need her rest. Leia twitches, as some
impending doom seems to enter her dreams, in which Luke will save them
tomorrow… (Fade to Black)

End Chapter One ::::

The end, thank all that’s good and holy. If Chapter 2 exists, I cannot find it, but I also only did only one Google search, because finding this chapter was painful enough. If any of you guys are foolish enough to go looking, feel free to post a link in the comments. Meanwhile, I’d like to end the way the author Ornery does, with another batshit insane author’s note:

Isn’t this some gross shit?
yeah, there’s not TOO much descriptive sex, but hey I’m trying to write a
STORY here!!! You can fill in areas if you wish with your mind, right? Why
his mouth? To be different… also you don’t see a dick outside of Jabba’s
body? He needs to reproduce somehow and the concept of a double throat job
was, well strange. Hey, someone posted they wanted a sex story with Jabba,
Leia, etc… and what nice lady in her right mind would want to fuck a slug?
What, you want it romantic?! Yeah right! A 100lb babe with a 2000lb slug
with thick skin and red eyeballs the size of a footballs. In file SWX6-1-2,
Luke fucks up again. Will Leia and the more intelligent characters be saved,
killed or fucked? How many chapters will Story One be extended to? 2,3 or 4.
Bet on 3, unless some strange plot twist can happen. Future story Ideas :
SWX6-2-1 (based on the fact the 6-1, didn’t happen) Leia and her Ewok
Adventure (hm-ffffff-hf) (furyfuryfury-humanFemale) SWX5-1 : (Empire Strike
Out) Chewie’s secret romance with Luke or Leia? DV tortures Leia too. Luke
decides he likes little green men? A three-way on Cloud 9? SWx4-1 : (Star
Wors) Leia & the star destroyer crew? The torture Probe? The garbage
monster? Face it… “Return” has the MOST sex that the other 2 together.
Stay Tuned, Dark Vapor June 1 1996 Copyright ? DarkVapor 6-1-1 Version 1.3
End of file ::::::::::