Oh My God, The Cape Looks Awful Beyond Human Comprehension

Ladies and gentlemen of foreign lands, I have my doubts that you’ll be able to watch this 3 1/2-minute preview of NBC’s generic superhero series The Cape, set to debut next January. If you can’t consider yourselves lucky, because holy shit does it suck ass. I’m not talking about cliches like the main character being a good cop framed by all the other cops, or that he fakes his own death shit. I’m talking about how he apparently falls into a sewer where a bunch of circus folk who give him — and train him to use — a special cape made out of “spider-silk” for no reason whatosever. Or how The Cape is his son’s favorite generic comic book is The Cape, and that’s what the guy bases himself on. Or the performances, the dialogue, the action sequences, or the CG. It’s all so wretched. You know that hole in our hearts that Heroes left? The one shaped like a little pile of dogshit? I think we might found a way to fill the void. (Via Blastr)