Softcore Porn Manga Finally Catches a Break in America


?(Two posts about anime and manga in one day? Jesus, Topless Robot’s really gone to hell.) Viz announced they have the rights to publish Oh! Great’s manga — no, seriously, that’s his pen name, “Oh! Great” — Tenjho Tenge. The manga is basically just large-breasted, short-skirted high school girls beating the shit out of each other, and thus is reasonably popular. The only reason I bring it up is because Tenjho Tenge has already been released — by DC’s defunct imprint CMX — up to its 18th volume. What was the problem? DC decided to edit out the sex and nudity.

This is a move that still blows my mind. Why would you do that? Why would anyone do that? The tits are the series’ biggest draw! Hell, given how manga and anime are about people fighting for some reason, they’re more or less the series’ only draw. It’s like someone taking one of the Emmanuelle movies, editing out all the sex and nudity, and releasing that and assuming it’d be a success. I’m sorry, it’s just such a stupid thing to do that it still entertains me, even all these years later.

Anyways, the uncensored manga will come out next summer. So congrats, Tenjho Tenge fans. Unless you bought 18 volumes of the shitty censored version, in which case, I’d advise you look on the bright side: boobies. (Via Robot 6)