Sometimes Justice Is Best Served… Young

Wait. That didn’t sound nearly as dirty in my head.

Oh well. MTV has a 6-minute preview of the Young Justice cartoon, which apparently will debut on Cartoon Network on November 26th at 7pm, which is less than two weeks away. A few thoughts:

? Maybe my judgment is being clouded by having to watch all that G.I. Joe Renegades and Transformers: Prime footage recently, but Young Justice’s animation looks fantastic.
? This looks like the first few minutes of the show (followed by a few short clips from the season). Interestingly, Superboy and Miss Martian are absent, but Speedy’s included. Intriguing.
? I actually really like that everyone fights their cold-themed villains in the intro. But I also hope there’s a deeper reason for them all going on rampages on the same day, and not just the show’s creators being cute.
? So Project Cadmus appears to be wear they find Superboy, which implies they’ll be using his comics origin. It looks like they’ll be delving into the comic canon pretty well. Can any of you DC fans tell me what else was included in the montage at the end?
? Thanks to Ryan S. for the tip.