Steven Tyler Believes that Love Lives on Yamato

And he’s willing to sing about, which is good for the live-action Space Battleship Yamato movie, I suppose. I don’t really have anything to say about this song except it’s another shitty Aerosmith power ballad, without the benefit of the rest of Aerosmith working on it.

However, for TR’s younger readers — and readers my age, I suppose — there was once a point when Aerosmith was a really fucking good rock band. Like, genuinely awesome. That time was the ’70s, when they were doing a shit-ton of drugs, up until the point they broke up for the first timr. When they reformed in the mid-’80s, they managed make one great MTV-style album, Pump, which I love and is wonderful, but which was much less raw and more populist than their ’70s work. And then after that they turned into a horrible power ballad factory of shit, which continued for the last two decades.

All I’m saying is that one point Aerosmith was awesome. Really. I felt you should know that. Thanks to Snoodle for the song tip.