TARDISes Roasting on an Open Fire, Time Lords Nipping at Your Nose

The BBC released this ominous trailer for this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special; it’s A Christmas Carol, complete with Michael Gambon as a scrooge (not the Scrooge, I don’t think, but a scrooge). I’m not particularly excited by the concept, but it was written by Steven Moffat, so that’s good, and plus it supposedly shows Amy and Rory on their honeymoon, and I’m hoping well get a little NC-17 content (probably not, though). I’m curious — in all its 50 years on TV, has Who never done a take on A Christmas Carol before? It seems impossible to me, but whatever.

In better news, BBC America is actually airing the Christmas special in America on Christmas day, so you guys don’t have to illegally download it or anything. Quite a nice present, wouldn’t you say?