Hasbro Reveals Animated-Style Darth Vader and Older Ahsoka Figures


We knew Hasbro kept Episode VII merchandise under wraps at Toy Fair, but good on them for keeping these a secret too, even though they could have just brushed it off as doing existing characters with an animated look. (As the Rebels finale aired Monday, I don’t consider this to still be spoiler-material.)

USA Today revealed them yesterday as part of a lengthier conversation with Dave Filoni, who drops some tidbits about where Rebels is headed.

With Vader especially, “we don’t want to diminish this guy,” Filoni says. “We cannot have him on a TV scenario where he is going to suffer weekly defeats. ”That’s just not going to work — that’s not what he’s about.”

Sounds like he too grew up sick of moments like in the G.I. Joe cartoon where any regular Joe could just punch out Cobra’s supposed master ninjas like Storm Shadow.

via The Mary Sue