That Warcraft Kid Who Schooled Blizzard Is Awesome

I am not kidding. I am not being ironic. This kid is totally fucking awesome, and here’s why:

You almost certainly saw his very nerdy, specific WoW question to some Blizzard staffers during Blizzcon, where he knew shit the game’s creators didn’t. Certainly he sounded very nerdy, leading many TR commenters to wonder (not cruelly, I’m pleased to note) if he had Asperger’s syndrome. The video went everywhere on the nerdernet, he was called out as a major nerd, and became an unwilling YouTube star. If this had happened to me, even though the video wasn’t nearly as embarrassing as the legendary Star Wars kid, I would have likely changed my name and moved to Greenland at the least. But what does this kid do?

He writes and records a measured, even response, explaining why his voice sounded weird and admitted he does have mild Asberger’s, which contributed to his nervousness while asking the question. He owns it, and explains it, and isn’t angry or upset — and most of all, he’s not ashamed, nor should he be. I never would have had the balls to actually address the situation if it happened to me, and if I did, I doubt I would have done it as well as he does. I honestly cannot put into words how much I admire this kid — and I just wanted to take a moment to recognize that. Happily, Blizzard did as well:


?Wildhammer Fact Checker is an actual character in the upcoming WoW: Cataclysm expansion, and a direct tribute to “Red Shirt Guy” as confirmed by Blizzard. Congratulations, sir. You more than earned it. (Via Kotaku)