TR Contest: Memos from Batman Inc.

batman inc.jpg

?I don’t do timely contests on Topless Robot much, but that’s because I suck at them. News happens, and a contest based around that news doesn’t occur to me for 6-8 months, at which point it becomes really stupid. Well, today is an exception, because when DC revealed the big end to Batman and Robin #16 this week — which leads right into the upcoming Batman Inc. comic — I had a contest idea that I actually can’t get out of my head.

The deal with Batman Inc. is that Batman basically becomes a worldwide franchise. Whether you like it or not doesn’t matter. What matters is that these Batman companies will have bosses and employees, and they will send each other memos, which cracks me up. For example:

To: All employees of Batman Inc.
From: Bruce Wayne

Any packages received which are gift-wrapped, and/or come with a festive bow, should be disposed of immediately. DO NOT OPEN THESE PACKAGES. Call your Batman if such a package is received. If the packages’ gift-wrap come in either purple or green, please evacuate the building immediately. Thank you.

So that’s the contest — give me the office memos of Batman Inc. The can be from Bruce Wayne, Lucius Fox, Batman, Robin, the franchise Batmen in certain countries, regional managers  — and they just have to be to people lower on the corporate totem pole. But they can still be memos to all Robin, Nightwing, all the Batmen, and even the villains, why not.

One entry per person. Try to keep it no more than about 250 words (anything that looks too long I’ll just skip, seriously). Contest ends at 12:01 EST on Monday, November the 8th, or more precisely, same Bat-time, same Bat-channel. Have a great weekend, folks.