TR Contest: Superhero Tweets


?Topless Robot will be off tomorrow and Friday for the American holiday of Thanksgiving. Also, to give me a bit of a break. Between the posts and this morning’s atom bomb of a Daily List, I imagine some of you can tell that I need a bit of time to recover. So why, you might ask, am I running one of my five-day, no-entry limit contests when being forced to judge the results will instantly crush me when I return to work? Because I am an idiot.

So this contest will be Tweets from Superheroes, much like our Death Star tweet and G.I. Joe HQ/Cobra Terrordrome tweet contests. Your job — write anything a superhero from DC, Marvel, etc. might tweet, meaning you have to do it in less 140 characters. Tweets from supervillians are fine, too. Remember, these are the Twitter customs:

? You should start off mentioned who’s tweeting at the beginning, followed by a colon. I.e.:

PowerGrrl8234: I just did a Google Image Search for myself. BIG. MISTAKE.

? If you want to mention another “tweeter,” simply put an “@” in front of their username. I.e.:

MsPhoenix: Am I alive or dead right now? Hey @ProfessaXXX a little help here?

? If you want to have someone “reply” to somebody, use the the “@” username combo directly after the tweeter’s name. I.e.:


Last but not least, tweets must be NO MORE THAN 140 CHARACTERS, INCLUDING SPACES. The names of person tweeting does not count — though any username mentioned in the tweet itself does count.

Enter as many times as you want. Let’s call it your payback for this morning’s list. Bonus points will be given for clever/hilarious Twitter handles. The contest at 12:01 am EST on Monday, November 29th, which gives you many, many days to punish me for my sins. Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it, and everyone who doesn’t, please overeat a bit so we don’t feel so bad about ourselves. See you kids Monday.