A Trifecta of Yet More Spider-Man Musical Schadenfreude

? 60 Minutes has a 15-minute look at the musical, which began a year and a half ago before it went bankrupt. In the interest of saying at least once nice thing about the musical, this video has the best footage I’ve seen of the Spidey-Green Goblin fight above the audience, and it does look pretty cool. On the other hand, look at Swarm at 1:49 and just try to take any of this shit seriously. Also, look at Bono’s sunglasses and just try not to want to punch him in his fucking face. Thanks to RobTUACHS for the tip.

? Rolling Stone reports that the owner of the theater where Turn Off the Dark is already asking around if any new theatrical productions would like to use the space. It doesn’t necessarily mean that he expects it to tank — no specific time frame was mentioned — but it doesn’t not mean he expects it to tank, either.

? Conan had a “sneak preview” of a short bit of the musical. I wasn’t going to post it because it was really silly, then I saw the actual Swarm costume from the musical in the 60 Minutes video and I figured what the hell. (Via Comics Alliance)