Movie News Trifecta: Man of Steel, Jurassic Park IV, Prometheus


? Hans Zimmer will be scoring Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel movie, which has to be the most thankless composing job in the last decade or so. Everyone, myself included, will compare whatever he does to John Williams’ original Superman theme, and compare it unfavorably, because the original Superman theme is just about perfect. But since Superman Returns was such a disgusting love letter to the original Superman flicks, Man of Steel has to use new music in order to stand apart. That’s a no-win for Zimmer right there, unless you count the zillions of dollars they’re paying him. (Via First Showing)

? The writers of Rise of the Apes will be doing the script for Jurassic Park IV. Seeing as Rise of the Apes was kind of shockingly good — and large chunks of it were about animals with no dialogue whatsoever — I am suddenly giving a shit about a new Jurassic Park movie for the first time ever. (Via /Film)
? Straight from the film’s linguist, here’s what Robot Fassbender said to the Engineer at the end of Prometheus: “”This man is here because he does not want to die. He believes you can give him more life.” Obviously, Robot Fassbender did not have some secret, nefarious agenda, and was simply following Weyland’s orders, just like I suspect he did the entire movie. Admittedly, I am slightly disappointed he didn’t say, “Please beat this old man to death with my head.” (Via Collider)