Brave Nerd Hassles Uncharted Movie Director about Nathan Fillion

Although I managed not to cover it, you guys probably know that 1) someone’s making a movie based on the Uncharted videogames, 2) that Nathan Fillion loves the Uncharted videogames and actively campaigned for the lead role of Nathan Drake, and 3) that Mark Wahlberg got the part anyways (oh, and 4) it’s apparently going to be a movie about a family of adventurers and thus have virtually nothing to do with the hit games) .What you might not know is this:

That the cause of Nathan Fillion as Drake was taken to Uncharted‘s director David O. Russell by the above nerd, who politely hassled the director at some unknown event. I know this won’t change anything, but it’s good to know that at least Russell knows about Fillion now, and that Uncharted fans think he’s perfect for the role. Best case scenario, Russell goes back and watches Fillion’s audition tape, realizes he’s perfect, and… and goes ahead and makes the movie with Wahlberg anyways because they’re in a contract. But he regrets it. (Via Kotaku)