Forget the Idol, Throw Me the New Indiana Jones Figure


?Hot Toys had a party to celebrate the fact that they make horrifyingly awesome looking action figures and, to a lesser degree, their 10th anniversary. They debuted several new figures that would make your jaw drop, including Chris Hemsworth as movie Thor, Milla Jovovich as Alice from Resident Evil: Afterlife, Iron Man Mark V from Iron Man 2, Sylvester Stallone from The Expendables, movie Ghost Rider, Bruce Lee, and more. You can see all the pictures of them at ToyNewsI, but really, all you really need to see is the above pic of what is indubitably The Greatest Goddamn Indiana Jones Figure of All Time. Terrifyingly, Hot Toys also announced the license for the Captain America movie, Sucker Punch, Captain Harlock, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the 1989 Batman movie (!!!). Even the idea of a Hot Toys Jack Nicholson as the Joker makes me wet pants.