Marvel Really Is Bringing Back Crossgen, for Some Reason


?It was rumored back at SDCC, but now it’s for reals — Marvel is really bringing back the Crossgen imprint, starting with two 4-issue miniseries of Sigil and Ruse, both due in March. I know some of the Crossgen had its fans — and I can appreciate the idea of starting a comic universe where all the series are tied together by secrets planned out from the very beginning — but all I remember about Crossgen is the five years I was working at Wizard, and Crossgen would send like a box of like 20 copies of all of their 20 series each, and they would sit on a table, totally untouched. No one wanted to read them, ever, and that’s despite the fact that CrossGen was buying 40 pages of ads per issue. Planning a universe’s secrets and mysteries ahead of time is nice, but it doesn’t do anyone any good if you don’t get people interested in the actual universe first.

Marvel didn’t say whether these are recaps of what happened in the original series, or are set after, or if they’re starting over from scratch, and I don’t know that anyone’s bothered to even ask. I can’t be knackered, that’s for sure. How many of you are looking forward to these, honestly? (Via Robot 6)