Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg to Adapt Preacher for AMC; Cue Nerdquake Meltdown in 3…2…


Huh huh huh…what? Yes, it seems Preacher is the duo’s favorite comic, and Garth Ennis is satisfied that they get it.

Wasn’t the Green Hornet Rogen’s favorite comic-book character before this? I mean, I’ll be honest and admit I liked the movie version he starred in, but faithful it was not. It’s hard to judge how they’ll do with drama, since the closest thing Goldberg has done in that vein (notably sans Rogen) is the hockey movie Goon, which has it’s fans but isn’t all that memorable. Rogen has nothing close on his resume. But he does seem like the kind of guy who’d laugh endlessly upon reading the word “Arseface.”

What do you think, gang? I’m all for giving them a shot but dare we hope this will be much better than it sounds?