Not Cool, Force Unleashed 2, Not Cool

I’ve told you I enjoyed The Force Unleashed, and I’m looking forward to Force Unleashed 2, even though I’ve heard it’s super-short and I’ll probably just rent or borrow it. And I’m looking forward to the DLC, where you can fry Ewoks. Or I was, until I saw this sacrilege:

Not fucking cool, TFU2. I don’t care what Elseworlds-type nonsense the DLC is supposed to be, but Han Solo and Chewbacca do not die, ever, and they certainly don’t die like bitches.

I can’t believe how scandalized I was when I saw this. I know Luke was in the DLC for the first game; did he die? It made me realize I have bizarrely different standards for these characters, even in non-canon. I can handle Luke dying, but Han Solo and Chewie? I’m appalled at the thought. Weird. Thanks to Spaceboy for the tip.