So Uncharted’s Drake Is Kind of a Lunatic, Huh?

I’m still learning about the Uncharted series, but this new gameplay video — still set in the burning “chateau,” like the last one — has helped me learned one important thing: Namely, that Nathan Drake is a goddamned lunatic. I had assumed he was some kind of wisecracking, swashbuckling adventurer, but no, he’s a fucking madman, apparently. How else to explain him running around directly in-between multiple people trying to shoot him, when there’s plenty of available cover? Why would he jump onto a ladder on a wall that’s barely attached to anything, and obviously going to fall — furthermore, why would have tell someone else to jump on the ladder with him? But the biggest clue for me happens to be the time when he runs up to a guy with a gun — when he has his own perfectly functional gun, mind you — just so he can punch a dude into a fucking fire. And leaves him there. Unconscious. In a fire. That’s fucked up. Indiana Jones would never do that… except to a Nazi, and even then he’d probably have to think about it for a minute first.