Super Terrific Japanese Thing: (Old) Maid Cafe

Surely you all have heard of Japanese maid cafes, where all the waitresses dress like maids — not slutty maids, mind you, just traditional kinda sexy maid uniforms — and call the customers master and stuff. There are many, many maid cafes throughout Tokyo, even ones staffed by men as butlers, and ones staffed by men dressed as women as maids, and more.

But now it’s getting weird.


?You’re looking at Grandma’s Maid Cafe Rottenmeier, a new caf? which was opened for November. It’s staffed by women who consider themselves “grannies,” although apparently the staff ranges in age from 27 to 77. You’ll note the granny wig they wear for consistency. The grannies are based on the elderly housekeeper from Heidi of the Alps, which Japan loves and made a long-running anime series of.

Frankly, I don’t have the least idea what to think. I’m going to keep telling myself the Japanese are going to this thing ironically, and pray there’s no other reason. (Via Japanator)