The Nightmare Begins: First Transformers 3 Teaser Released

This is a two-and-a-half minute teaser trailer for Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon. I assume it very accurately indicates the masterpiece that TF3 is going to be in several key ways, including:

? There are barely any Transformers in it
? In fact, there’s only one Transformer, who us first seen at 2:01 of the 2:30 trailer
? It’s not a Transformer anyone could recognize (hardcore TF fans have two theories, Alpha Prime or Sentinel, but can’t tell either)
? The Transformer has a mustache

Normally, here’s where I’d rage and freak out, but I think you’ll find this quote from Michael Bay from an interview with Collider far more pertinent:

I think there’s some really cool action on this movie, there’s some very cool conspiracy, there’s great robot stuff in this that people were missing in the second one, you’ve got great robot conflict. So I’m excited about this movie. It’s more serious. I got rid of the dorky comedy, I mean we’ve got two little characters, that’s it, but the dorkiness is not there. Dork-free Transformers. It’s much more serious.

That is Michael Bay admitting at least part of Revenge of the Fallen was shitty. Now, that might give you hope for Dark of the Moon, but remember, Bay also promised that he’d fix the problems of the first movie in RotF, and we ended up with the Racist Twins, Devastator’s balls, and an intensely long and agonizing scene of the Beef’s mom high on pot brownies. Suffice to say, I remain unconvinced. (Via Seibertron)