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Four Horsemen posters being handed out on the floor

Before he crawled back into the hole we carved for him using hacksaw blades smuggled (sexily) into Hall H over the course of several months, our fearless correspondent Bryce Abood called in a report from the Fox panel.

The panel started with rundowns of Maze Runner 2: Still Totally Not The Hunger Games and Frankenstein’s Homoerotic Monster (I think). James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe roughly frisked each other for about 20 minutes before the panel moved on to Fantastic Four.

Josh Trank, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan, Miles Teller, Jamie Bell and Toby Kebbell were all in attendance to talk about the new movie, which Trank called “more science than science fiction.” The story is, as many predicted from the trailers, pretty much the Ultimate Fantastic Four origin story – Reed gets them into the Negative Zone, something horrible happens, they come back with powers. It sounds like they’re treating it as a body horror movie, which…almost everything they say about this movie could be good or bad depending on how it’s handled. If they nail the relationships between the characters, nothing else matters – it’ll be a good movie. They apparently pointedly avoided talking about the one maybe dealbreaker, which is Doom being a disgruntled blogger. I assure you, we are not a threat. They showed one last trailer, which is apparently a lot of fun and we’ll have as soon as it’s available.

The panel then moved on to the hard-R portion of the evening: Deadpool. They started off with an intro video which at one point said, and I quote, “from the studio that inexplicably sewed his fucking mouth shut.” The whole cast came out and opened with jokes about having sex with horses, and at one point they directly addressed the “try not to curse in Hall H” rule by telling the kids in the audience that they’ll “fucking love this movie.”

They showed the trailer twice and got two standing ovations. Bryce tells us that it seemed like an extended version of the test footage. This movie is going to be so fucking good.

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Then they moved on to X-Men: Apocalypse, and you can see the poster that they were handing out on the con floor above. Hugh Jackman teased Wolverine 2 as “Old Man Logan” before bringing out the cast. They did show some footage from the movie, though no effects work had been done on it. It confirms Apocalypse as a behind the scenes power trying to bring about a mutant dominated world, and James McAvoy is full bald now.

The footage was good, but the Deadpool trailer was so good that everyone was still buzzing about that through the entire X-Men portion of the panel. Nicholas Hoult (Beast) even said at one point that he was having a hard time focusing because the Deadpool stuff was so awesome. They closed the panel with Stan Lee taking a picture of all the Fox superheroes and Channing Tatum, with his hair all Gambit-ted up.

That’ll do it for our live coverage for the day. As always, whenever any of this footage is available, we’ll have it up right away. And keep an eye on TR through the night for video interviews – Luke talked to some interesting folks today about Land of the Lost and Bloodstrike’s penis.