Warner Bros. Graciously Offered Whedon the Buffy Reboot


?It’s true. Warner Bros. apparently offered Joss Whedon the Buffy reboot, which Whedon refused to have anything to do with.

My instant response was “Son of a bitch.” Why didn’t he say yes? Why didn’t he step up and protect his property? How could he bitch about it if he’s the one who turned it down? It took less than five minutes for me to realize the inherent fallacy there — that Warner Bros. didn’t offer him his property — his Buffy — at all.

They offered him the reboot, which — to a dude who had been creating shaping the current Buffy mythology for over a decade — wouldn’t just be starting over from scratch, but like killing his 10-year-old child to take care of a brand new baby. That sounds awful, and not just because of the child-killing. Why would he want to negate all his previous efforts? What would the benefit be? Why would he actively want to give up his current “child”? Plus, Warner would demand this “new baby” be brought up Twilight-style is so really, it was no choice at all. Of course he turned it down.

I doubt WB meant to be insulting, and it’s nice that they offered. It’d be nicer if they wanted to continue the current, still very popular Buffy franchise that they already have, but whatever. They just want some of that Twilight money. The point is, fuck that baby. (Via Blastr)