A Moment of Self-Pleasure: TR’s 3rd Birthday

On Saturday, January 8th, 2011, Topless Robot celebrated its third birthday. I told no one. It was Saturday. I wasn’t working. I’m not even going to pretend my Saturday drinking was in honor of TR, it was just regular drinking (although it might have been heavier than usual, thanks to that last FFF).

Point is, I wanted to take today to say thanks to all of you for reading Topless Robot all these years, putting up with my nonsense, my typos, my nerd prejudices, my dickishness, my — I’d better stop here, or you guys will wise up and actually stop putting up with me. I have the greatest gig in the world, and it’s each and every one of you who makes it possible. I’m never not grateful to you all for Topless Robot‘s success. As a birthday present, if you will, I’d like to present this:

It’s ComicsNix’s masterpiece “Doomsday Womb” read aloud by Xwonka, who delighted us so with his dramatic reading of “Day of reckoning.” He didn’t send it to me for TR’s birthday, nor did I commission it, it’s just a swell coincidence. Thanks to Xwonka, and thanks again to all of you. I mean it.