And the New Spider-Man Suit Prances Into Our Lives


?Someone caught a decent shot of a stunt-man running in the full Spider-Man outfit from the new movie, and… well… here it is. First of all, although the dude looks ridiculous in the pic, that’s because almost everybody looks silly when running, so I’m not holding that against him. For the suit itself… I don’t mind. You guys are right; it’s very Ben Reilly Spider-Man, especially from the waist down, what with the red stripe down his legs. I think the stripe on the arms looks weird, but it’s not going to keep me up at night. I don’t know if his little foot things are actually part of the costume or just something so the stuntman can run, but I’m guessing the later.

All in all, it’s bit weird-looking, but honestly, I’m much more worried about why they cast Peter Parker’s parents than the ratio of red-to-blue in the costume. What do you guys think?