Behold the Superiority of Lazy Teenage Superheroes

Waaaay back in March of last year, I showed you a trailer for a short film called Lazy Teenage Superheroes, made by young Michael Ashton, for the total of $300. I point out that it looked better — and more special effects than — any episode of Heroes, an actual primetime show by one of the major TV networks in America.

Well, Ashton sent me the finished product, and there are two corrections I need to make: 1) it wasn’t $300 for the trailer, it was $300 for the entire damn short you see above, and 2) it not only has more and better special effects than Heroes, but better writing and characters, too. It’s also better in those categories than The Cape, another primetime, major network show. From what I’ve heard, it’s like better than No Ordinary Family, the other major superhero show, but I haven’t seen it personally, so I don’t know for certain. At any rate, Lazy Teenage Superheroes is cool, clever, and exceedingly well-made. If I were a TV network executive, I’d call this kid. Or cry. Maybe both.