Ist Der Red Skull! (Kind of, Ja!)

Big Bad Toy Store put up pics of soon-to-be-available Halloween costumes. This wouldn’t have been especially noteworthy except that some of the costumes were from the upcoming Captain America movie… and included a costume of the Red Skull, whose actual appearance has yet to be revealed.


?So that’s the Red Skull costume. Three things to note: 1) I imagine it looks pretty close to what we’ll get in the movie, 2) that said, it’ll be much better since it will be real make-up and a genuine outfit and 3) I don’t know why anyone would be surprised or dismayed by this, because he looks like the fucking Red Skull. No deviation from the comics. I’m not bitching, but it’s also so exactly how I figured he was going to look that I don’t consider this a spoiler. Is anyone perturbed by the Red Skull’s get-up? If so, really? (Via /Film)