Oh Hai Transformers Movie 3 Shockwave


?I’m sure this is old news for those of you guys who frequent the Transformers fansites, but for the rest you who you might be interested to know what Shockwave will look like in Transformers: Dark of the Moon, there are pics after the jump.

Yakub Shabazz found these pics of the upcoming Hasbro Shockwave figure on eBay straight from the Chinese plastics factory; as he points out, they may not be transformed correctly, so keep that in mind.


?Here’s the robot mode. I don’t love it, but I dig it. He looks kind of recognizable, he’s not so overdesigned like the other Transformers, and he has one eye and one big cannon on his arm. Frankly, this is about as much as anyone could have hoped for… for the robot mode, at least.


?Unfortunately, this is his alternate mode. What the fuck is this supposed to be? I know Shockwave stayed on Cybertron and shouldn’t have a human vehicle mode, but… shouldn’t he look like a thing? Not just a robotic lump with a huge tube coming out of his top? I certainly hope this isn’t properly transformed., because otherwise, his alternate mode must be “Cybertronian junkpile.”