Ohai New Movie Spider-Man and Captain America


?? This is the first shot of Andrew Garfield as Spidey in the Spider-Man reboot. I like the texture on the costume, and am glad they didn’t change anything just to change it. I still maintain there’s no way that he could put a mask on while his hair looks like that, but since he has spider-powers given to him by a rdioactive spider, maybe it’s not the biggest of concerns. (Via Superhero Hype)


?? This is the first shot of Chris Evans as Captain America from his movie; it’s a pic for the next/new Entertainment Weekly, which is why it’s so damn small. I love everything from the neck down. The helmet kind of bugs me overall, although I do like that his ears are covered (that always looked stupid to me in the comics) and I appreciate the painted wings on the side. Thanks to Marc T. for both tips. (Also via Superhero Hype)