On Second Thought, Let’s Not Go to Camelot, ‘Tis a Violent and Sexy Place

This is a 3-minute preview/behind-the-scenes/what-have-you of Camelot, Starz’ upcoming King Arthur series. If it’s anything like Starz’ Spartacus show — and I’m told it is — it will be jam-packed with CG blood and dismemberment, and you will probably see every single female actress from the video above naked several times over the course of the first season. I am okay with this. I sincerely doubt it’s going to make anyone forget about HBO’s Game of Thrones series, but Starz can make as many versions of Spartacus as they want, and I’ll watch them all. Medieval Spartacus? Sure. Superhero Spartacus? Yes please. Spartacus in space? Why the hell not. (Via Geeks of Doom)