Science Can Make the Princess Leia Hologram (Really, Really Poorly)

I got super-excited when I saw Blastr report that MIT Media Lab’s Michael Bove had recreated the Star Wars “Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope” hologram message in reality. I got significantly less excited when I saw it in action in the video above. Now, I’ll happily grant you that a camcorder recording of a hologram will probably look like shit, but I can’t help feeling that the hologram could be significantly more clear. Furthermore, would it have been so hard to make the hologram blue in instead of red? For authenticity’s sake? And last but definitely not least, I’m not saying you need to hire a professional actress to play Princess Leia to record one line for a hologram experiment, but… actually, you should definitely hire a professional actress to play Princess Leia next time. Even by the standards of “I gave my grad student extra credit to make his non-nerd girlfriend dress up like Leia” that girl was terrible.