(The New) ThunderCats Are Loose

At the London Toy Fair, currently going on, Bandai revealed their new ThunderCats toys and the new ThunderCats cartoon character designs to 60,000 or so people, and told them all very sternly to not take pictures. This worked out about as well as it always does.


?At the moment, this is the best pic of the toyline out there. What you’re looking at is, from top to bottom: a kick-ass Sword of Omens, the 3 3/4-inch action figures, the Thunder Bike, and the Thunder Bike. However, there’s apparently going to be an 8-inch “collector’s” toyline too, beginning with Lion-O, who seems like he will be modeled on the original cartoon and not the new one. This will surely come as a relief to several of you, because the new character designs… well…


?Indeed. I think Panthro and Tygra look great, so no problems there. Honestly, Lion-O looks too anime even for me, and I ran a goddamn anime magazine for five years. However, Cheetara looks incredible, and will no doubt inspire a whole new generation of boys to have a deeply confusing and shameful attraction to furries. Really, that’s as much as I hoped for from the new ThunderCats anyways. (Via ThunderCats Lair and Poe Ghostal)