Behold E.T. 2, the Appropriately Terrifying Sequel

While I maintain my opinion that the original E.T. movie is infinitely scarier than any intentionally scary E.T. movie (because if you portary E.T. as a bad guy, at least you know where you stand — fucked), but that doesn’t mean you don’t immediately need to see this amazing fan-made trailer for an E.T. sequel, called E.X.T.: Extinction. It’s breathtakingly awesome, from the superb editing, to the perfectly used clips of grown-up Henry Thomas and Drew Barrymore, to all E.T.s running around killing people. Honestly, if Spielberg made a horror sequel to E.T., I am dead certain that this video is 100% accurate to what he would make. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to cry and shit my pants in terror at the mental image of E.T. with fangs. Infinite thanks to Nerdluvin for the tip.