Bilbo and the 13 Dwarves


?The Hobbit was supposed to start filming this month, but it got pushed back to March 21st so director Peter Jackson could recover from some surgery. But don’t worry — the cast and crew have already assembled in New Zealand, presumably for a bit of pre-production — and some smart chap would wanted to remind everyone that yes, The Hobbit is really, actually, finally happening this time, and took this pic of Martin Freeman and the 13 men who will be his dwarven company. They’re not in costume or anything, but just seeing all these guys in the same yard together dispels any of the remaining doubts I had about the movie happening. Also, I’m still freaked out that Aidan Turner (far left) is going to play a dwarf, although the way the picture is squished, he does kind of look like Peter Jackson in the old days. Weird. Oh well — unless somebody dies, I think The Hobbit is pretty much set at this point. (Via /Film)