Didn’t Somebody Want to See the Wreckers from TF3?


?Well, here they are. If you’re only familiar with the cartoons and movies, the Wreckers were an elite team of Autobots that got killed by Megatron/Galvatron all the fucking time. Hardcore TF fans are excited about their including in Transformers 3, and — please hold onto your monocles — the fact that they seem to be NASCAR cars in the movie is, I feel, kind of a clever move. I mean, the Wreckers aren’t so key in the TF mythos that you can’t muck about with them, and having them be NASCAR racers gets their concept across in modern, mass audience-friendly terms pretty handily.

That said, as you can see, the Wreckers are covered in guns and I’m still annoyed. Look, I promise you TF3 is just going to be Michael Bay’s I Wish I Could Be Dircting Death Race. I know there’s a basis for ii in the franchise  and yes, I admit it’s better than watching the Beef’s mom have a pot brownie freak-out, but is it so fucking wrong for me to want a Transformers movie that has more robots fighting than… well, not robots fighting? I say yes, but you’re welcome to disagree.

Also: Some of you have said I’m too bitter and short-sighted to see any possible good points about Michael Bay’s Transformers films, past and future. To which I reply: FUCK AND YES I AM. I TOLD YOU TO BEAT UP SMALL CHILDREN IF YOU SEE THEM WEARING TRANSFORMERS 3 MERCHANDISE EARLIER TODAY. DO YOU THINK I’M FUCKING AROUND? I AM NOT. FUCK THESE MOVIES. There are more pics of the Wreckers over at iGeektrooper.