Fan Trailer Trifecta: Archie, Preacher, Super Mario Bros.

? I told you guys I had a lot of fan videos to post. First up is my favorite of the bunch, a “modern” reimagining of Archie. It’s far, far too easy to imagine this thing showing up next season on The CW, which probably wouldn’t be the worst thing ever — the guy who plays Archie is great. And four words for you: live-action Cheryl Blossom. Thanks to Team Hellions for the tip. The other two vids are after the jump.

? Here’s some fans who’ve done the opening scene from the Preacher comics. Again, if you’re think about complaining about the acting, I will remind you that this video will be a cinematic masterpiece to the actual Preacher movie, which will probably star Dane Cook as Jesse, Amanda Seyfried as Tulip, and Dax Sheppard doing a horrible accent as Cassidy. Thanks to James R. for the tip.

? Finally, here’s a trailer for “The Plumber,” a gritty Super Mario Bros. flick from the guys who made that Hulk musical a while back. It’s not quite up to There Will Be Smash, and it treads a bit of the same ground, but it’s still pretty damned good. The plumbing/sewer metaphors are all spot-on. Thanks to Drew K. for the tip.