Hasbro Is Making a Rocket Raccoon Figure


?I don’t know how I missed this news from NY Toy Fair, but The Fwoosh says that Hasbro is making a Rocket Raccoon figure, in-scale to the Marvel Universe line. They’ll also be making a Groot figure too, although other than some kind of heroic plant monster that hangs around with RR sometimes I don’t really know who that is. As soon as there’s release info or a pic, I will post it.

FYI, I’m sure at least one of you is wondering how I can be at all enamored with the space-faring Rocket Raccoon from Marvel but hate the squirrel Green Lantern Ch’p from DC. Well, first of all, Rocket Raccoon is a regular raccoon whose intelligence was genetically increased, and not an alien from a planet full of sentient raccoons, as Ch’p is from a planet full of sentient chipmunks. Not saying that the former is an amazing origin, but it’s less dumb than the latter. Furthermore, RR is his own concept and for the most part, mucks about in his own, silly corner of the Marvel Universe. Meanwhile Ch’p is a Green Lantern, and brings a great deal of stupidity and shame to the whole Green Lantern concept, a major part of the DC universe. Also, Rocket Raccoon was never killed by an automobile. Thus, Rocket Raccoon > Ch’p.