It’s Never Too Early to Be Emotionally Devastated By a Videogame Trailer

The first I’d heard about Dead Island was when EVula sent me a tip late last afternoon saying I had to watch this trailer for a new zombie videogame. Now, I love zombies, but I know some of you are tired of ’em, so I decided to wait. While I was waiting, I got another email, telling me about this amazing trailer for some game called Dead Island, but it was closing time and I had that ridiculous I Am Here… Now trailer to post.

Well, between last night and this morning, I’ve gotten hundred emails all telling me HOLY SHIT ROB YOU MUST WATCH THIS DEAD ISLAND TRAILER. This is about 80 more than I get even when big shit like that awesome Bioshock: Infinite trailer came out. Meaning this trailer for Dead Island must be something very special. And it is. One warning: This trailer might wreck your shit.

I have no words. God only knows what the gameplay will be like, and after watching this video, I barely care. If a game can bring one quarter of the emotional devastation of this trailer… that will be a game I’ll need to play. Thanks to EVula and everyone who sent in the vid. You guys weren’t wrong.