New Trailer for The Adventures of Lil’ Thor

Hey, it’s a new trailer for Marvel’s next direct-to-DVD cartoon movie, Thor: Tales of Asgard. Whenever the hell footage for this thing first popped up, I expressed my confusion at why Marvel would make an animated Thor movie where he’s 1) a kid, 2) not wielding his hammer, and 3) going on some generic fantasy quest as opposed to, you know, being Thor and kicking some Marvel supervillain’s ass. Now that the DVD is going to come out shortly after the live-action Thor movie (May 17th, to be precise), I think the question is more pertinent, to the point where I’d like to add a “dipshit” after it.

Seriously. Think of the Green Lantern: Emerald Knights trailer I posted yesterday. People are going to watch Green Lantern, hopefully be interested in seeing more GL stuff, pick up that DVD, and see the scope of the Green Lantern Corps., get introduced to some cool DC characters, and watch an awesome space battle. Hell, the DVD might even get someone interested in the Green Lantern comics, as insane as that sounds.

Now if someone watches the Thor movie and wants more, they’re going to pick up Tales of Asgard and… uh… watch 75 minutes of Thor back before he was Thor, for all intents and purposes. Why would Marvel do that? Why would you give people who are potentially interested seeing more Thor a cartoon about Jim Henson’s Thor Babies? Even if they like the movie, there’s no Marvel comics for them to rad more of Lil Thor’s adventures. Meanwhile, there are theoretically several awesome Thor stories where Thor looks like Thor, wields Mjolnir and kicks ass — surely most of the Walt Simonson stuff, and people have told me about how awesome The Mighty Avenger has been recently (although it’s been canceled now, right?) — that could have been animated, and sustained or even grown interest in the character, and made them want to — wait for it — buy some fucking comics. Or have we just given up on that idea entirely?