Shout Factory Is Significantly More Than Meets the Eye

A dude at the awesome DVD company Shout Factory just confirmed that he’s working on a release of Transformers: Beast Wars. If you’re a fan, you know this is good for several reasons: 1) that Shout Factory is to awesome TV shows and cartoons what Criterion is to classic and foreign movies, and they’ll put out an awesome set with a ton of great extras, and 2) Rhino’s Beast Wars DVDs have been out of print for a while, too. Shout hasn’t confirmed they have Beast Machines, but it stands to reason they either already do or will shortly.

However, that’s not even the big news. When the dude revealed he was working on Beast Wars, he also said he was working on something called the Transformers Takara Collections. TF fans know that after the original cartoon ended here, it was still so successful in Japan that the Japanese just continued making more. These series are all direct continuations of the classic Transformers cartoon, but also Japanese thus significantly insane. They’ve never been released in America, until…. until now, I guess. Now, there are actually several Japanese TF series — The Headmasters, Super-God Masterforce, Victory — and lord knows if Shout has one or all of them, but no matter what, this is awesome news.

I don’t care much about Transformers, but I’m still super-excited at the possibility of finally seeing things. I mean, if you can watch the Japanese intro for Headmasters above and not at least be curious… well, I don’t know. Anyways, there’s no timeframe on the Beast Wars or Takara sets, but I’ll definitely keep you guys posted. Well done, Shout. You’ve outdone yourself this time. (Via TV Shows on DVD)