Somebody Spiked the Sucker Punch

There’s a new TV spot for Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch (actually, there are two spots, but I’m running the better one [the other one’s here]) with a touch of new footage/insanity. I think I’ve figured out my problem with the movie. It’s not Snyder, because unlike a lot of you, I dig him — I loved 300 and Watchmen. Yes, Sucker Punch seems like it’s all-style-no-substance, but that’s fine; so was 300, and everyone enjoyed the shit out of that. I think my problem is that 300 worked because it had some decent performances in it from Gerard Butler and Lena Headey and the Deadliest Warrior guy — not Oscar worthy, but enough to carry the movie in-between awesome action scenes. What does Sucker Punch have? The girl from High School Musical? A former Real World “star”? And maybe I’m just being critical (heavens forbid!) but the girl who plays the main character doesn’t seem like she can act at all, which is not a good thing when she’s only been in teasers and trailers. Maybe I’m wrong — I hope I am — but I’m not nearly as excited for this as I was for 300, and this movie actually has chicks in it.