A G.I. Joe Movie Spoiler That Won’t Make You Want to Tear Your Eyes Out in Despair


I know it sounds impossible, but it’s true! It turns out a Chinese eBay seller got his hands on a Destro figure from the movie — specifically, the as yet unseen masked version and I’ll be damned if it doesn’t look pretty good. I put it after the jump, so that you folks who need to save one positive surprise for the film can have one. The rest of you, see you in a sec.

Rise Of Cobra Destro.JPG

See? It looks like Destro! What a pleasant surprise! Admittedly, the medium gray uniform clashes a tad with his silver noggin, but I really like the suit underneath the jacket, especially his little tie — very classy, and not a bad update from his weird, ’70s-style bare chest of the original figure. I’m sure some of you will find something to bitch about but frankly, compared to the rest of the film, this is a little ray of sunshine in my opinion. Oh, and here’s the eBay auction — he’s still currently for sale, if you’re interested. (Via 16bit)