Star Wars, But From a Different Angle

I feel like I have failed as a nerd for never having heard of Jambe Davdar before. The man has made incredible awesome fan documentaries on Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, and has just released one for Star Wars — and if you’re scoffing at the idea of a fan documentary, well, let me set you straight. Davdar’s Star Wars Begins is essentially the entirety of Star Wars, but with all shit you’ve never heard or seen before. Seriously, he’s found alternate takes, deleted scenes, original audio, quotes from various interviews and commentaries and recordings — it’s unbelievable, and it’s unbelievably interesting. It’s certainly a hell of a lot more interesting that the actual Star Wars DVD commentaries, that’s for sure. I swear, if Lucas had any true love for Star Wars fans, he’d buy Davdar’s work and include them as an alternate version on the upcoming Blu-rays. He won’t, but he should. Anyways, part 1 is above, and you can see the other 13 parts (I told you it was the whole damn movie) here.