The Captain America Game = Arkham Asylum with a Shield

Yes, the Captain America movie game looks like it plays a hell of a lot like Arkham Asylum, complete with slow-motion power moves and on-the-floor takedowns. I’m not complaining. If every superhero based videogame wants to rip off Batman: Arkham Asylum from now until the end of eternity, I think gamers would probably be better off for it. Besides, I sincerely doubt Sega will be copy-pasting AA‘s combat exactly — this is Sega we’re talking about, after all — but hopefully the inclusion of the shield should compensate. Deflecting bullets, throwing it around the room to hit multiple targets — that all looks pretty solid, too. And I’d much rather fight Nazis — oh, excuse me, Hydra — than the generic soldiers and robots that fill up modern superhero games. I’m cautiously optimistic for this one. (Via Comics Alliance)