Exhibition of Tattooed Star Wars Characters Reveals a Shirtless, Inked Alec Guinness & Ackbar


Alec Guinness’ ghost is soooo gonna haunt the shit out of whoever’s responsible this.

Approximately 45 artists, many of whom who have left an indelible mark on the history of tattooing and several who have been featured in both volumes of The Force in the Flesh have put together incredible works of art that ask the question: what would characters in the Star Wars universe look like heavily tattooed? And what would their tattoos look like?

Oh, those questions I NEVER asked myself? So glad your’e taking care of those. But I’m honestly not sure that thinking along those lines is a mental route you want to go down. In fact, one could say it’s a…it’s a…hold on, this is on the tip of my tongue…it’s a…



Portraits From A Galaxy Far, Far Away opens Friday, November 20th, 6-9pm
1427 Haight St,
San Francisco, CA

You can preorder the catalogue now.