The Doctor Who-James Bond Connection

In our James Bond FAQ contest (still time to enter!), more than one of you has entered with a Bond/Doctor mash-up.

How many of you actually knew that one happened…not on TV, but in real life?


In an interview given in 1994 but not fully disclosed until now, Third Doctor Jon Pertwee has revealed that during World War II, he was in fact a senior secret intelligence agent. He was even sent for a specific assignment interview by none other than Ian Fleming.

‘I thought the job was going to be liaison with the Free French. I did not fancy that at all, so I deliberately messed up the interview, pretending I could not understand what they were saying at times and throwing in the most inappropriate answers.

Afterwards, when Fleming got the report back, he said they did not want me and how badly I had done. I confessed I had done it on purpose because I did not want to work with de Gaulle’s mob.

He told me I was a blithering idiot because the interview was a chance to be our man in Tahiti.’

And in the days before eBay, he was one of the original scalpers:

‘I used to attend meetings where Churchill would be at the end of the table and he would be smoking his cigars. At the end of the meeting, I used to collect the butts and sell them on to the Americans for a few dollars.’

Read the rest at the Daily Mail. It’s quite the untold tale.