The New Spider-Man Movie Is Amazing, and I Mean That in a Couple Different Ways

The first way: The movie has officially switched names to The Amazing Spider-Man. I approve. It’s nice, classic, kinda classy. Now for the second way it’s amazing: Sony released the first official pic of Andrew Garfield in the full Spidey costume, and holy fucking shit.

amazing garfield.jpg

?Now, say all you want about the inaccuracies of the costume, or Garfield’s massive hair, or whatever (lord knows I do), but how fucking awesome is this pic? Yeah, I know it’s all studio lighting and posed and probably isn’t representative of what we’ll actually get in the movie, but I don’t goddamn care! This is amazing. It looks like he’s leaping right out of a fucking Marvel comic. Can you think of a promo shot from any of the first three Spider-Man movies that looked half as badass as this? Yeah, me neither.