Transformer Sings “Born to Be Wild” on American Idol

Well, to be more precise he kind of sang “Born to Be Wild” on American Idol last night — specifically, he sang something that was kind of close to “Born to Be Wild” (it was missing a few bits) and he kind of sang (his skills seem to lie more in the making-transformable-Transformers-costume arts). I won’t give him too much crap for screwing up the lyrics — my guess he was nervous, not that he failed to properly learn the song beforehand (which could not be said for Christina Aguilera’s amazingly awful “Star Spangled Banner” fail during the Super Bowl), and I’ll credit him some balls for singing in vehicle mode. But I will fault him for not taking this golden tailor-fucking-made opportunity to sing “The Touch” from Stan Bush. Come on, dude. Hell, “Dare” would also have been acceptable.